At the end of July last year, my family got a Coachmen Catalina Camper!

We have been waiting all winter to go camping and we finally can! Well, we sometimes sleep in it just beside the garage but in the middle of July, we get to actually take to a campground! We are going to be camping at the Winnipeg Beach campground for Board Walk Days which is a fair that takes place in downtown Winnipeg Beach.

Now I’ll tell you what my camper looks like. When you walk in, it has two chairs to the left with a really big window behind them. Then when you walk straight, there is a couch which folds out into a bed. Then you would walk to the right, and there you would see a couple cupboards, a fridge, a microwave, a freezer, a black stove, and a kitchen sink!

Then you would walk straight again and there would be bunk beds to the right and a small bathroom to the left with a shower, a toilet, and a sink.

You would then walk past the bunk beds and the sink and see a master bedroom with a big queen sized bed.

So, that’s basically my camper!

P.S   did I mention that there is 3 places to put t.v’s? One in the kitchen/living room area, one in the master bedroom, and one where the bunk beds are!

10 Dollars Dropped – Quick Write

There are people who would return the 10 dollars and then there are some people who would pick up the money and keep it.

If someone dropped 10 dollars in front of me, I wouldn’t be selfish and keep it. I would definitely return it.

Like, what if someone was poor and this was there only money? If someone kept it, that would just be so mean!

If I was a poor person and someone never returned my money, I think I would die because then I wouldn’t be able to buy food, water, or whatever else I would need to survive!

Some people are just so selfish!

Summer <3

I am SO excited for summer!

Probably what I’m most excited for is doing gymnastics and the nice weather! I can’t wait to have my friends over and we can go in my pool!

I am also really excited for my birthday in the summer. My birthday is in August and usually I have a pool party with some gymnastics in between! Last year for my birthday, we slept in the camper I just got and it was really fun! Sometimes at my birthday party, we make up dances just for fun! We also do this thing where you do a gymnastics move and the other people rate on how good it is! That is also really fun! I don’t know what I’m doing for my birthday party this year, though.

I can’t wait for summer because I want to do lots of gymnastics! One of my main goals is to do my front walkover. I think I want to practice on the trampoline first. Another goal I have is to do an aerial and land in a round off. I’m actually pretty close to that! I’m also leaning toward learning how to do a front handspring on the trampoline because it’s actually pretty easy to do….

I hate winter because it is COLD. Summer is my absolute favorite season and always has been! What is your favorite thing about summer?

Dance Recital 2016

On Monday, May 9th, it was Evolution Dance Company’s 10th annual recital!

I left my house at around 11:00 and then I had my first rehearsal which was lyrical. Our dance teacher made just a few corrections and helped us get the spacing right on stage!

My next 3 rehearsals in order were ballet, jazz, and tap.

After all of my rehearsals were done, I went to go have lunch with my mom and my aunt outside of the concert hall.

And then we went back into the building and had to wait about 3 hours for all the other rehearsals to finish. So, in that time, me and my friends, Niki, Chloe, Zara, and Kaitlyn played a Head-Bands game where we all hold a separate card with an item on it and we have to guess what our item is from yes or no questions! That was really fun! We also put on our costumes!

When it was 6:00, it was ShowTime!

My ballet was first but it wasn’t until a little later in the show so my class got to go up to the balcony and watch the first couple dances!

After we performed my ballet dance, I had to run to get into my jazz costume and do all my makeup and hair. I thought I wouldn’t get on stage on time but I did!

After jazz, I got to watch a little more from the balcony because lyrical and tap weren’t until the second half of the show.

When the half was over, my lyrical class went backstage and got ready to dance. I actually saw what our lyrical looked like because my friend Leah had her mom’s fiancé to take a video of our lyrical dance. I think it looked better than I thought it would!

And last but not least, I had tap. I got to watch a little bit of dances from the balcony again because my tap wasn’t till close to the end of the show!

When I performed my tap, I could hear some of my friends cheering for me from backstage.

And of course, we had a big finale with every single dancer go on stage!


This was a really, really fun year of dance (and tiring!) and I hope it’s as fun next year!

P.S, the company lost my jazz shoe! So, I had to use my friend Shalynn’s jazz shoes!

Don’t trust people with your shoes!




Salva Dut

For this assignment that Mr E gave us, I’m going to be talking about the president of ‘Water for South Sudan,’ Salva Dut.

In 1985, Salva Dut fled from his home town in Sudan, Africa when he was only 11  years old because of the civil war that was going around in his town.

He only spoke little English when he came Ethiopia which was his safety and then he later moved on to Kenya. Of course his family thought he was dead after the war because her spent a long time in Ethiopia and Kenya.

Finally the war ended in 2005 and he returned to his home town in Sudan.

When he was there, he went to visit his father. His father was extremely sick. Of course he was VERY happy to see his father because they have not seen each other for 16 years because of the civil war that was going on.

Here is where I got most of information from: click HERE


If Cats could Talk- Quick Write

If cats could talk, what would they say?

If my cat Tiger, could talk all the time, he would say, “Feed Me,” because he’s always hungry.

I think he would say “why do you get more food?” to my other cat, Gizmo, even though Gizmo gets the exact same amount of food as Tiger.

Tiger would say to my other cat, Jenna, “can I have the rest of your food?”

He would also say to his sister, Ginger “Wanna share?”

So yeah, basically I’m saying that the most common thing he would say would be “I WANT FOOOOOOOOD!”



Festival of the Arts

This is the Festival of the Arts month!
If you don’t know what Festival of the Arts is, it is when the whole Interlake compete in Instrumental, poetry, Orff, choir, dance and a lot more!

I am in three 4 things for the Festival of the Arts. The first thing is poetry. I did a poem with Kylie and Leah. The poem we did was Kanga-Ruby by Shel Siverstein. That was on April 20th. I think we did pretty good! The mark we got was 85 which is a really good mark!

The next thing I am in is Instrumental. I am actually involved in 2 things in the instrumental category. First is the 6/7 band with some grade 5s for percussion. We are playing the songs Ceremonium and Thunder Drums.

Next thing I am doing is a flute trio with Kylie and Leah. We are playing the song Ode to Joy. We are competing against quite a few people so I really hope we do well and I hope no one messes up or makes a mistake!

The last thing I am in is dance (obviously) I am dancing to the song Confident by Demi Lovato with Kylie, Leah, and Chloe. This one I am really nervous for. I don’t really know why. I just think someone is going to mess up and people will be doing the wrong part. We’ve been practicing for a long time so I really hope we do well!

So, that was my blog post!

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

On this Earth Day, I decided to blog about Great Barrier Reef!

This reef is located in Australia and is the biggest reef in the whole world!

Here is a map of the reef from a birds eye view:

Map of Great Barrier Reef, QLD, Australia


Here are some facts!

The Great Barrier Reef is so big, it can be seen from space! It is bigger than Victoria and Tasmania combined and it is half the size of Texas! That is really big!

Here is a map of Texas so you get the feeling of how big Great Barrier Reef is: Map of Texas, USA

Some more facts about Great Barrier Reef is that more than 1500 different species of fish live in the reef. Thirty different species of dolphins and whales also live in the reef. Even seventeen species of sea snakes live in the reef!

If your wondering what the biggest threat is, it is climate change. Climate change can damage the plants and make the animals too hot or too cold.

Did you know that there is actually a resort on the reef? It is so people can watch the turtles, whales, dolphins, or any kind of animal right out of their window!

Also, did I mention that there is two million visitors a year?

I hoped you enjoyed this blog post about the Great Barrier Reef on this Earth Day!

P.S here is the link where I got my information from:

Open World Dance

Open World Learning (OWL) is basically setting goals and you have to reach those goals and present it to the class. You make a big goal and then small goals to work up to the big goal.

I want to do a dance for Open World. I think I want it to be a lyrical song because I don’t think I’m very good at lyrical and I have some goals that I can do in my lyrical dance. And I am auditing for competitive dancing this year so I want to get really good at lyrical and work my way up to being in competitive.

Anyway, I think I want to do my dance to the song Lost Boy by Ruth B. (If you don’t know the song click here) But I am not 100% sure if I want to do that song.

Some of my goals will be to perfect my jete (I already know how to do it, but I want to be even better at it). By the way, a jete is the side splits in the air.

Another goal I want to do in my dance is to get my left split. I have my right split but I want to do my left. Another goal I want to do is I want to perfect my Russian (middle splits in the air) I also want to a front walkover in my dance.

I also want to do a surprise jump in my dance. A surprise jump is basically facing the other way, doing a hichy coo (sort of like a gallop) and then doing a jete. I already know how to do it but it is a really hard move and I want to get better at it and I think that if I get it, I have a better chance of getting into competitive.

The last goal I want to do is I really want to get better at my turns. Sometimes I can do 4 pirouettes but I always loose it the next day. So, in my dance I really want to get better at my turns with pointed toes, straight legs, and try to work up to 4 pirouettes!

Lastly, I actually found out that I can do much more than I thought I was because I practiced dance a lot over Spring Break, at Disney World, and also every day after school! So, I hope I surprise people when I do Open World.

I hoped you liked this blog post and I hope you now know a little bit about Open World Learning!

Dance Picture Week

This week is Picture Week at dance.

Everyone that goes to Evolution takes a picture of whatever dance their in. You take a solo picture (just yourself) and a group picture (your whole dance class.) I love picture week because I love seeing everyone is their costumes and seeing everyone smiling at the camera!

Now I’ll tell you about my costumes. My jazz costume is very colourful! It is white with pink, blue, and lime green dots on it! It also has a floofy blue tutu and one of the colourful costumes I’ve ever had!

My lyrical costume is sort of a dark bubble gum pink colour. It has a floral design and very delicate. We even have a pink flower to put in our hair!

Now I’ll tell you about my ballet costume. My ballet costume is like a dark blue/purple colour. It has a short skirt attached to it and it is actually really pretty! My favorite part about it is that there is bow that attaches to the back of the costume. I also love the pearl headband that comes with it!

Lastly, I’ll tell you about my tap costume. It has a pink stringy skirt that looks really cool when its on you and you shake your hips. The top part of the costume is purple with different colour sequins on it!


My favorite part at Picture Week is what our poses are. I like finding out poses because its so cool seeing what other people do and its a way for you to show everyone what you’ve got!

If you don’t know what my songs are, either go in my previous blog about dance or find them here!

Jazz Song

Lyrical Song

Tap Song

(I do not have my ballet song because it was deleted off YouTube. Sorry about that!)


So, that is what I’m doing this week!!